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Well hello there blogreaders from!

Sofia asked me to write something here on the blog,  so that’s what I am going to do right now haha.


My name is Rean Landman and I am not from Sweden, And I think you have already noticed that, because this is English and not Swedish. I am reading this blog for a loooooong time, since team SL, I really did liked to read about Ming Mang and the SRG haha, but now the grooming and job part is also very interesting!


I Am from the Netherlands, and live close to Groningen, a town in the north of the Netherlands. We have 3 horses, Maurice , Falitha ( a 3 year old jumper, now in the fields) and Uni ( the  jumper from my sister) I really love to read the Swedish blogs, how strange? , if you have also a nice blog please say it at my blog and I will read it! I am 18 years old and ride dressage, I always had young horses until Maurice. Maurice is like 1.83 m high, and me…. I am just 1.64 m but I love big horses from now haha..

Maurice is a horse and he know the things like the flying changes,  one tempis and canter pirouette and a little bit of the passage. Looks really nice , but I can say one thing to you ! He isn’t easy!   First weeks were difficult! We had some problems like :  he only  wanted to do the passage, I just didn’t get him in his normal trot, and later we had the problem :  that I just couldn’t do the trot, it was like walk – canter / canter – walk, haha…. But now we are understanding each other and believe me, that’s a great feeling! We are competing at the M level here in Holland, and we are hoping that we can start at S level before the summer! But sad enough Maurice does have an injury, but hope it will be okay in like 2 months from now.

This  summer we went to Germany, I worked at a stable  in Vechta,
( Hengsthaltung Kathmann )  Maurice came with me, however the First weeks there he was sooooo nervous, he became very skinny…He went with another horse to the fields, every night,  ( he couldn’t stand alone) He became bigger again.

I went to a few big competitions in Germany, went to the shockemohle shop , and more great things, after a big 3 months it was time to go back home again. Believe me…. When I came home, it felt very strange haha.. Maurice got all his muscles back now also, much better.

And I started with my new school,  Equine study -> To a groom. First I wanted to do the horse sports study, but that level is here in Holland  is really low from that study, so that’s why I chose the education that I’m doing now.

·           the differences between Sweden and Netherlands

1.    Horses in Sweden are much more expensive than here in the Netherlands, while you have more quality here in Netherlands for less money.

2. More snow! Really love snow.

3.    Houses in Sweden are much cheaper, with much  more ground.

4.    Looks like everybody in Sweden does have so many nice Sharp pictures haha

5.    Sweden , I believe is the country with the blogs, here in Holland, I really do believe I Am the only blogger.. About horses, training, competitions.

That’s why it would be so much nicer to be Swedish because at the blogs you can write what you want, about your feelings, your life… Dutch people will think : why the hell do you want to write your life at the Internet?
You can read more at my own blog : There is a translator.


A hug to the readers of .

Rean from The Netherlands.

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Välkommen till en av Sveriges fd största hästbloggar som drivs av mig, Sofia Genne. 23 årig tjej med rötter från Kosovo, född och uppvuxen i Sverige men som tillbringar mestadels av åren utomlands. Bland annat Turkiet där min pojkvän bor.

Som du kanske förstått så är jag en hästtjej från rötterna, och har ägt 4 ponnyer genom åren. Tävlat ponnydressyr på nationell/elitnivå med D-ponnyn Mahjong. Startat hoppning upp till och med LA ponny 110 häst. Jag fick under slutet av 2011 och hela 2012 rida och tävla Ming Mang R, en storhäst f. 05. Vi klickade fort och tog oss från LA-nivå till vinst i MSV:B 2 under några fantastiska månader.

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